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A seat with a view!

As we head into the July 4th holiday all the parks will be busy including Cedar Point. Seems as if everyone wants to sit in the front seat of there favorite roller coaster. Wondering what the view would be from the front seat of the Jumbo Jet? Well here ya go, wonder no more, here is what you would see if you could ride the Jumbo Jet today:

Jumbo Jet POV

Now to get that front seat view on a Jumbo Jet (Jet Star 3), you would have to travel to Mexico, Russia or China. The closest Jet Star in the US is a Jet Star 2 at the Lagoon in Utah or the Tigrr at Indiana Beach which is a Jet Star 1. Get to your favorite park and ride your favorite coaster this July 4th holiday before it becomes a lost coaster. Let’s Ride!

IB’s Steel Hawg, POV

If you have not had time to get over to Indiana Beach and ride the Steel Hawg, here is a great point of view video from CoasterForce (Twitter, Main Site):

After seeing this video, it may be worth the drive to IB. Let’s Ride!

SOB the next lost coaster?

Local 12, in Cincinnati, (Son of Beast Roller Coaster Closes) is reporting that on May 31st a woman suffered a head injury while riding the Son of Beast. The ride has been closed while the state investigates the allegation. I was at the park on Memorial day weekend and got to ride the SOB and it is one ruff ride. Of course this is not the first time that someone was hurt on the ride. Back in 2006 there was an incident injuring more that a dozen people. Looks as if the SOB will become the next lost coaster.

You Spin me round… Like a…

As I remember it was “Dead or Alive” that had that catchy tune, “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” and this should play while you are riding the Steel Dragon at Waldameer Park in Erie, PA. This coaster is also known as the SC 2000 on the Maurer Söhne website. Here is a slickly produced video of the Spinning Coaster 2000:

Dang the closest SC 2000 is 6 hour away… Can you say ROAD TRIP? Let’s Ride!

IB’s Lost Coaster Part 2

If you are close to Indiana Beach, then you’ve got to get over and ride The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. This little coaster has to be one of the coolest wooden coasters that I have ever ridden. The Gravity Group has a concept coaster called the Splinter, base on The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, which is for the most part an indoor wooden coaster with the highest point of 20′. Here is another video from The Gravity Group:

While your at IB, don’t forget to ride the Steel Hawg… Let’s Ride!

A sad day

The Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point had several others just like it. One of those was at Coney Island. I came across this picture of the Jumbo Jet being torn down:

Coney Island Jumbo Jet being dismantled

I don’t things ended well for this Jumbo Jet that was at Coney Island. Very Sad! 😦

According to RCDB This Jumbo Jet was relocated from Steeplechase Park and was at Coney Island from 04/22/02 to 04/2003 “After a problem with the trains the Jumbo Jet was closed for about a year. It was then sold to a park in China.”

CP’s Jumbo Jet @ Beoland Russia

I have sent lots of emails out regarding the Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point, about where it is today and for the most part I get “Gee we don’t really know”. However last night I received a reply from Schwarzkopf Coaster Net and the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point is at Beoland in Russia. Michael Pantenburg writes:
After leaving Cedar Point, it has been at several stationary parks (for example Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA) and has traveled with a few showmen before going to Beoland in Russia. Beoland was originally scheduled to open in 2001, but was delayed until the 2002 or 2003 season. Prior to Russia, the coaster was refurbished by Wieland Schwarzkopf.
At this point we are not really sure if the Jumbo Jet is in operation or SBNO. We now know the beginning and the end. The research continues for the in between. He also sent me this photo:

JumboJet at Beoland, Russia

Thanks to Michael Pantenburg at Schwarzkopf Coaster Net

The REAL Lost Coaster

Several weeks ago I was at Indiana Beach, home to some really neat coasters including the Steel Hawg, Galaxi, Cornball Express, Hoosier Hurricane, and Tig’rr (A cousin of the Jumbo Jet) plus various other thrill rides. They are also home to the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, which is a converted dark ride. Someone who now works for the Gravity Group did the change from a traditional dark ride to a cool little indoor wooden coaster. On the Gravity Group’s website is a new concept ride called the Splinter, which is an indoor wooden coaster based on the Lost Coaster and Indiana Beach. Here is a video linking the Splinter and the Lost Coaster:

The Splinter is only 20′ high and reaches at top speed of 21 mph in a space of 85′ x 100′. The Track length 710′. What a cool little wooden coaster! Let’s Ride!

Jet Star 2

The Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point from 1972-1978 was a Jet Star 3 made by Schwarzkopf. I was wondering what a Jet Star 2 was and I have found one standing at the Lagoon in Utah (Lagoon, Fun Starts Here). It looks like the same layout as the Jet Star 3, however the support structure is different. Plus the Jet Star 2 does not have the same super sturture on it that the Jet Star 3 had. Here is a picture from the 1974 Expo in Spokane, Washington.:

Jet Star 2 brand new in 1974

This Jet Star was relocated to the Lagoon in 1976. In 2005 the ride was refurbished because the ride was so popular and is still in operation today. What I would give for a ride on the Jumbo Jet or a Jet Star 2. Let’s Ride!

Lost or found?

The last season for the Jumbo Jet was 1978, it was replaced by the NEW Wildcat in 1979. From there Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet could be just about anywhere. Research tells me that Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet is well traveled and could have take a couple of routes. The first route has our Jumbo Jet moving to the Palace Playland, then being refurbished by Wieland Schwarzkopf and heading to Beoland, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Satellite images have verified that a coaster resembling the Jumbo Jet was set up in this area (Jumbo Jet at Beoland). Another possible route is that Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet was moved to Bush Gardens in 1979, called Glissade, then In 1993 it became Tornado at La Feria Chapultepec Magico in Mexico City and is currently in operation at Selva Mágica in Mexico City. However this ride does not have the super structure with the radar antenna and sign. Cedar Point’s Jumbo jet is also known as the Jet Star 3, a total of 12 Jet Star 3 were made. At this point is it anyone’s guess where Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet is. The search continues!