What is the Lost Coaster?

The Lost Coaster is the Jumbo Jet that was in operation from the summer of 72 (opening day Saturday Funday May 20 1972) through the end of the season 1978 at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

Here are some FunFacts:
Ride Manufacturer: Anton Schwarzkopf Company, West Germany
Designer: Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Model: Jet Star #3 – Jumbo Jet
Built: 12 (9 closed, 2 still operating, 1 SBNO) – Notable: Jumbo Jet at Coney Island Rides SBNO.
Track Length: 2,854 feet
Overall Dimensions: 108 feet Long, 194 feet wide, 56 feet high
Structure: Metal structure in a circular configuration
Lift/Launch System: Electric Spiral Lift
Speed: Up to 50 MPH
Time: 2 minutes 23 seconds
Vehicles: 7 Trains with 2 cars per train
Ride Capacity: 1200 per hour
Features: A slow twisting climb to the top and a fast spiraling dash back to the ground. There are several 70 degree banked turns.


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