The REAL Lost Coaster

Several weeks ago I was at Indiana Beach, home to some really neat coasters including the Steel Hawg, Galaxi, Cornball Express, Hoosier Hurricane, and Tig’rr (A cousin of the Jumbo Jet) plus various other thrill rides. They are also home to the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, which is a converted dark ride. Someone who now works for the Gravity Group did the change from a traditional dark ride to a cool little indoor wooden coaster. On the Gravity Group’s website is a new concept ride called the Splinter, which is an indoor wooden coaster based on the Lost Coaster and Indiana Beach. Here is a video linking the Splinter and the Lost Coaster:

The Splinter is only 20′ high and reaches at top speed of 21 mph in a space of 85′ x 100′. The Track length 710′. What a cool little wooden coaster! Let’s Ride!

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