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Ride is never the same… Twice!

Maurer Söhne says that you will never get the same ride twice with the SC2000 spinning coaster. So I thought I would put that to the test with the Steel Dragon at Waldameer Amusement Park and Water World.


Waldameer is a small park located in Erie PA and they offer free admission with individual ride tickets or ride as much as you like. We decided to do the evening $15.00 ride all you want and entered the park after 7:00 PM. First stop was the Steel Dragon and what a blast this little coaster is. A new “spin” on the traditional mouse type coaster. Each ride is very unique and will spin you at different ways. Each car can handle up to 4 persons. We rode with a full car and then with only 2 in the front seats and I got to tell you we got more spins with only 2 people riding. Also at the park the Ravine Flyer II, the 2008 Golden Ticket Award for best new ride and New for 2009 the Mega Vortex. If ya have time get to Erie PA and check out the Steel Dragon spinning coaster at Waldameer!

ALSO more to come on the Ravine Flyer II… I know I am a steely dan kinda of guy but this WOODIE was very nice! Let’s Ride!