Cedar Point 1972

I found this clip of someone’s home video of their vacation to Cedar Point in 1972. This video gives you an idea of what Cedar Point was before it became “America’s Rock and Roller Coast“. Yes there are a few shots of the Jumbo Jet (You can see the Jumbo Jet at :15, :57, 1:31, 2:14, 4:09, and 6:32). This is a silent video and anyone that has been to Cedar Point will start to hear all the sounds of the Point. At 4:09 is a great shot of the Jumbo Jet in action and I swear I can hear the cars as they move on the track.

Don’t miss minute 2:14 were you can see the radar antenna rotating, then make sure to check out minute 4:09 that shows the Jumbo Jet in action.

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