Whyte Lightning

How cool is this? A new ride at Cedar Point called Whyte Lightning coming in 2010. The marketing department at Cedar Point has the entire roller coaster community wondering what there new ride will be. Here is a video clip from CoasterBob62 with the latest:

My Guess:
This new ride will be in located on Millennium Island which could be considered a part of Frontier Town and I think that this new ride will be a wooden coaster from The Gravity Group. This new coaster will be a moonshine themed coaster based on TGG’s “Splinter” which is an indoor wooden coaster. This ride and theme would fit perfect with Frontier Town and would fit the space allowed. Just my .02 worth, so what do you think?

2 comments so far

  1. Ryan on

    haha wow i didnt read this until after i looked at the gravity group website and then looked at the layouts and was about to say that the splinter concept would work perfectly but you were already ahead of me lol

  2. thelostcoaster on

    Ryan – Thanks for dropping by. The Splinter would be perfect fit. It’s a family coaster, it could be easily themed for Frontier Town and it will fit in the space alloted. The Splinter from TGG is my number 1 guess. BTW what do you think CP’s new ride is for 2010?

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