It really is gone.

So I finally made it to Cedar Point on Funday August 28 2009. This was a first for me, because most of my trips to the Point were always early in the summer during the months of May or June. As I rode “Max Air”, I had to look over in the conner… Maybe… Just Maybe… the Jumbo Jet would be there, but no it really is gone. Everything is gone from that infamous conner of the park, perhaps the only thing still in the park is the Matterhorn, but I am not sure where. Gone to is the refreshment stand with the polka dots on the roof that you could see from the needle. However fresh in my mind I can still see and hear the Jumbo Jet just like it was yesterday, that Funday way back in 1974. Let’s Ride!

Jumbo Jet and Materhorn Plus Refreshments

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