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New Ride Announcement for 1972

By now you should know that the Jumbo Jet is my all time favorite ride. Why you ask? Well because my 1st trip to Cedar Point was 1974 and the Jumbo Jet was what the 1st BIG coaster that I ever rode. Just imagine if you could what it would have been like if the interweb was around in 1971. Hey Al why didn’t you invent the interweb sooner?

Jumbo Jet on the beach at Lake Erie

Opening day Saturday Funday May 20 1972 is the brand new Jumbo Jet! No fancy gimmicks, just an announcement that’s it. Now where is my passport? I feel the need to ride the Jumbo Jet in Beoland? Can’t wait for the announcement 09.03.09 at 09:10am for “Whyte Lightning” 2010! Let’s Ride!