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Greetings from….

Greetings from Old Orchard Beach Maine… I got an email from ryanjm13 after he placed a comment on this very blog:
I have an old post card from old orchard beach (palace playland) and the JJ that they used to have is consistent with the one from CP due to the red track with blue supports and the same style sign mounted on the top. also lists Cedar points and Palace Playlands as the same one.

Here is what he sent me:

Greetings From Old Orchard Beach Main 1Greetings From Old Orchard Beach Main 2

Very Cool… We now have proof that Palace Playland had a Jumbo Jet, the only question is it our beloved Jumbo Jet from Cedar Point? The hunt continues for thelostcoaster! Got something in your collection that relates to the Jumbo Jet drop me a comment or find me on twitter @thelostcoaster