MORE Bits and Pieces Revealed

Greetings From Old Orchard Beach Main 1

This is incredible! The latest from thelostcoaster’s “Lost and or Found” Department… In my last major post about Wieland (See post “Bits and Pieces, more revealed”), he mentioned that André Blunck was writing a book about his father and the rides he created. Wieland also shared André’s email address with me, so I decided to write to him to see if he could clear up a couple of loose ends. Like where our beloved Jumbo Jet went to after Cedar Point. It had been thought that CP’s Jumbo Jet went to Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach Maine. Here is André’s response back to me:

Re: FW: Regarding Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet (Jet Star 3)‏
From: Andre Blunck (
Sent: Wed 10/14/09 5:48 AM
To: Jumbo Jet (

Hello Jerry,

thank you for your mail. At first, my english is very simple and bad, but i hope you can understand me.

You´re right. I write a book about the Schwarzkopf company and all her rides & coasters, they had manufactured over the years. I found many very great stories, but unfortunately the book is written in german. I hope to released the book next year.

I read your emails from me you between Wieland. Some Information are true and some wrong.

Her father manufactured a total of 7 Jumbo Jets, not 5. One of them goes to Cedar Point (1972-1980) for 8 years. After dismantling it gone to Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach for 3 seasons. Then it went (sent) back to Europe to play a fair in the Netherlands (all Jumbos were portable versions). The next one year, it stood in Sweden in a citypark. After this season Wieland bought the ride and rented it to Prague for a Expo Fair. After the Fair the ride was destroyed in Prague by some kids. After repairing, the ride hold some big fairs in Poland. Wieland sold the ride to Nizhny Novgorod in Russia, some years later again to a citypark in Minsk/Belarus.

What with the other 6 Jumbos ? One Jumbo were scrapped in late 70. One Jumbo is embedded by a showowner in Europe. Another Jumbo is played every summer at the Southcoast in a french Lunapark (similar with a Pier). The Jumbo Jet from Coney Island travelled throughout China now. The last two Jumbo Jets are in park in South-America.

I hope, the informations helps you. If you have another questions, please ask me.

Best greets from Germany


So Palace Playland is a big YES! You never know what we will dig up next… Keep reading thelostcoaster blog! If you have any information on the Jumbo Jet, perhaps a good photo… Then leave a comment or contact thelostcoaster on Twitter.

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