Demon Drop’s Final Season at CP.

In an article that appeared on the LA Times website (Travel Section: Knott’s Berry Farm to add 1980s-era thrill ride in 2010), Cedar Point’s Demon Drop is relocating to sister park Knotts Berry Farm for 2010. So you have this weekend and next to get to the Point to ride the Demon Drop one final time or travel to Knotts Berry Farm in 2010. There is also an interesting article at Theme Park Insider “Knott’s Berry Farm causes jaws to drop with Demon Drop deal”. Check out this video I found on YouTube. At :39 you see the Space Needle and the Wildcat, however there is no AR/DT so this video was taken Between open day of the Demon Drop 1983 and 1985 when Avalanche Run opened. A great view of were the Jumbo Jet was located, which is now populated by various support buildings.

Here is the TV commercial for Demon Drop:

Perhaps they are making room for thelostcoaster, aka the Jumbo Jet…. Now wouldn’t that be cool? Let’s Ride.

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