The reason why?

Jumbo Jet and Materhorn Plus Refreshments

Some of you might ask “What is the point of this blog?” or “Why the obsession with some ancient ride?”, Well believe me I’ve asked those questions to myself several times and it all comes back to that one day back in 1974. My first trip to the most magical place in the Midwest… Cedar Point. This trip was the first time that my parents were not involved, it was my 8th grade trip to Greenfield Village / Henry Ford Museum and on the return trip home we made a stop at Cedar Point! WOW I was hooked… Back then there were just 4 coasters; Blue Streak, Jumbo Jet, Wildcat and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride, not the mega coasters of today. Cedar Point was the best amusement park you could ever go to. I don’t know if you would say I was a geek back then, perhaps a bit backwards leaning toward nerd might describe me. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Free, without my parents, to just be ME… a kid. I rode all the rides with what little friends I had. When it came to the Blue Streak and Jumbo Jet, I could not find anyone to ride with me. I returned to the bus disappointed that I would not be able to ride Blue Streak or the Jumbo Jet. It turned out that the bus driver was an old friend of my dad and he asked me if I had ridden all the rides.. I replied yes for the most part. He asked me how I liked the Blue Streak and the Jumbo Jet… I let him know that I had not ridden the big rides, because I could not find any one to ride with me. So off we went and got in line for the Blue Streak and then we headed to the Jumbo Jet and it was the best ride of the day. So as I approach the big FIVE-OH all I want to do is return to that magical day back in 1974, the day that I rode the Jumbo Jet.. and as Paul Harvey would say “and now you know the rest of the story!” ~ Lets Ride!

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  1. ryanjm13 on

    believe me youre not the only one that feels like that about the jumbo jet it was the first major coaster I rode back in 83 or 84 at Palace Playland. I would love to ride that again as much as you would. I went to Coney Island back in 95 or 96 but unfortunately it was out of commission and I tried to make another trip back there but never did. Its too bad more parks didnt have these because it was such a good ride that didnt take up too much space

  2. thelostcoaster on

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Glad you got the chance to ride the Jumbo Jet at Palace Playland… This was the same Jumbo Jet that I rode at Cedar Point back in 1974. I hope you saw the post “MORE Bits and Pieces Revealed”, some interesting history on our Jumbo Jet. ~ TLC

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