Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet

In all my travels on the interweb, I had not come across this Jumbo Jet at Amigoland in Le Grau du Roi, France (Google Map Satellite) . I guess that I did not read Andre Blunck’s email close enough. He mentions; “Another Jumbo is played every summer at the Southcoast in a french Lunapark (similar with a Pier)“. I thought you might be interested to see Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet:
Amigoland's Jumbo Jet

Amigoland's Jumbo Jet (Front)

A YouTube video of Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet in action:

Pack your bags next summer for a trip to France, China or Belarus for a chance at riding a Jumbo Jet… My bags are packed are yours? Let’s Ride!

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  1. […] we travel to France and check out the Jumbo Jet at Amigoland. Our original blog post was titled Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet!Google Maps Satellite of Amigoland I hope that Google won’t mind that I […]

  2. gordonas on

    nice raid lov it Make / Model: Schwarzkopf / All Models / Jet Star 3 / Jumbo Jet

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