The lost sign?

The last good picture of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet is the one that I have posted on this very blog while at Beoland Russia, however it is missing the Jumbo Jet sign. Where oh where did this sign go? Keep in mind that this ride has been to Cedar Point, then on to Palace Playland, showed up in the Netherlands and made a stop in Sweden. I made a stop at RCDB and found this picture of a “WildCat” style of coaster, at a Sweden park, sporting a Jumbo Jet sign:

Sweet Jumbo Jet SignPhoto from RCDB.

Could this be the missing sign of our beloved Jumbo Jet? Only God knows.

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  1. […] Jumbo Jet made a stop in Sweden and as we reported back on 11/13/2009 with our blog post entitled “The lost sign?” that a WildCat or Galaxi style roller coaster was sporting a Jumbo Jet sign:Well here is the story […]

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