Kaufman’s Steeplechase Park

You just never know what you’ll find at any given time on the interweb. On one of my recent travels, I found a link to a 1978 silent video on YouTube of Kaufman’s Steeplechase Park. Steeplechase Park had a Jumbo Jet just like the one that was at Cedar Point. Check out this video and see the Jumbo Jet (On Ride 2:05, Distant 5:26):

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  1. Megan Oneal on

    Very cool video! I enjoyed it.

  2. thelostcoaster on

    Hi Megan… Welcome to thelostcoaster… I hope you enjoy our little blog! ~ TLC

  3. lev on

    I don’t think the Jumbo Jet was part of steeplechase…regardless, that Jumbo Jet remained till well into the 2000s…I rode it a couple times.

    The wooden coaster you see in this film is the Thunderbolt, which was next door. I think there’s a quick shot of the Cyclone as well.

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