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Jumbo Jet and the Studebaker Bus

Early 1960’s Studebaker Wayne Church Bus

Originally uploaded by Montell305

In all my travels over the interweb there are like 5 pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo jet. and this makes 6. This picture was taken in 1973 and I wish we could see more of Cedar Point and the Jumbo Jet. If anyone has any pictures of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet please send them to me. Perhaps CoasterBob62 will have something for me… Stay Tuned… Let’s Ride!!

A Roman Numeral; 5,556

5,556 is a big number… this number refers to the number of photos that have been tagged with the name Jumbo Jet over at Flikr. Most of these are pictures of Jumbo Jet airplanes and so few of the roller coaster. So as a good journalist I went through em all to bring you the very best that Flikr has to offer. Sadly no photos of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet, but these photos of Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet will have to to do:

As you can see Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet is identical to the one that was at Cedar Point. Ah to have her back at Cedar Point again… When is opening day? One can dream! Let’s Ride!!!