Funtastic Cedar Point 1972

Ho Hmm… Christmas is gone and New Year’s is just around to conner… What is there to look forward to? Well Cedar Point’s opening day… Just imagine, if you could… for just a moment, driving across the Cedar Point Causeway and there it is the Jumbo Jet new for 1972.

You pay your toll for driving across the Causeway and for parking your car. You open up the brochure to get a lay of the land with the new Cedar Point map… Like a madman you plan your entire day with a single glance and know where you need to be first to start your dastardly deeds. So new it’s like you’ve never been there before!

New for 72… the nation’s largest most thrilling Super Rides! Ah yes what I would give to be a kid again and be heading to Cedar Point for the first time…. Let’s Ride!

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