How did I miss this?

In my many travels around the interweb, I try not to miss anything, but sometimes I do. I had actually seen this video in my travels on YouTube, but because of the year mentioned in the title of 1979 and knowing full well that by this year the Jumbo Jet had left Cedar Point (CP as @drewborg puts it and everyone should know that means Cedar Point!) and well on it’s way to Palace PlayLand in Orchard Beach Maine, I dismissed this and went on. Thanks out to @drewborg, one of my Twitter followers, for pointing out that there is some really good video at 8:35 into the clip. So check it out:

Let this be a lesson to me not to judge a video by it’s title when it comes to Cedar Point. You never know what you’ll find. Again thanks @drewborg! Got any good pictures or video of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet or any other lost rides? Get in touch with me here by leaving a comment or check me out on Twitter by searching for @thelostcoaster! Let’s ride!


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  1. Mike G on

    That was definately filmed in 1978 (there was a shot of the old Wildcat, prior to its move to ValleyFair, and obviously the Jumbo Jet!). In 1978 I was working at CP, and I was on the Jumbo Jet crew. I clearly remember CoasterMania that year, I even have a CoasterMania t shirt, as well as a CoasterMania book that overviewed all of the coasters at CP. Funny, whoever wrote the book really pissed off the Wildcat crew – the caption was “Training wheels for the timid”. The caption for Jumbo Jest was “Spiraling Speed Demon”. Anyway, perhaps the show was released in 1979, but the event occured in 1978 and that is when the video was taken.


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