Hey got an extra “ID ten Tee” form?

Ok call me stupid or an idiot! Why you ask? Well yours truly was so excited to get an invite to the Timberliner tour at the Gravity Group and I forgot my camera last Saturday for the tour. OK now how does that happen? I mean it’s like McDonald’s running out of Fries. It should never happen. I guess I was under the impression that pictures would not be allowed. Now here’s the really stupid thing, my cell phone has a camera and did I use it? No! The Timberliner has to be the most comfortable seat for a wooden coaster with plenty of leg room. A single restraint around the waist will secure you for the ride. Hey Cedar Fair how about upgrading the Mean Streak trains and smooth out that ride? How cool are those new Timberliner Trains? Way Cool! Of course Holiday World is going to be the first park to run the Timberliner Trains on the roller coaster called the Voyage. Can’t wait for summer. Let’s Ride!

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