Cedar Point, the way it was in 73!

WOW this is cool. This video shows the way Cedar Point was back in 1973. As you will recall my first trip to CP was in 1974, the year I got hooked on roller coasters and amusement parks in general. To answer your next question, YES there are shots of our beloved Jumbo Jet. Be watching around 1:52 for a pan shot showing the parking lot and then Jumbo Jet. Also you don’t want to miss this, at 3:19 into the clip, a rare shot of the Jumbo Jet at night with the radar antenna and sign illuminated! Way Cool! The only thing missing is a shot of the polka dots on the roof seen from the needle! As always if you have any video or pictures of Cedar Point and the Jumbo Jet back in the day… Let me know. Let’s Ride!

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  1. ronannarbor on

    Great video – thanks for posting! Pretty much the way I remember it — I loved the train and paddlewheel segments — seeing all that great animatronic work that has been long gone…

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