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A summer job for the fun of it!

It’s about that time when Cedar Point starts looking for employees to fill it’s part time job list. One of my favorite sites is Roller Coaster Freak, I find a lot of cool stuff on there brochure page. Oddly enough, I don’t know why I looked at the “1975 Employment brochure”, I found several pictures of our beloved “Jumbo Jet”:

One thing I find interesting is that the aerial shot of the Jumbo Jet is that it’s backwards. So I decide to put thelostcoaster magic on it and see if I could make it look right:

What a cool picture.. The Jumbo Jet along with the Matterhorn and Space Needle and in the distance is the big Ferris Wheel. The only thing missing is a clear view of the building with the polka dot roof!

CP in the mist!

This is really cool! In all of my visit’s to Cedar Point, I have never seen it like this:

Just imagine if this photo was taken back in 1974, we could see just the crown of the Jumbo Jet over by the space needle. It would have been a “Jumbo Mist”. How Cool! Let’s Ride!