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The Cedar Point I remember.

My first trip to Cedar Point was in 1974 and up until that point I had only ridden carnival rides and rides at the Ohio State Fair. So you can understand my excitement when I found out our last stop on our 8th grade class trip would be Cedar Point. When I watched this clip on YouTube, I thought WOW this is the Cedar Point I remember. Don’t miss the Jumbo Jet at :42, 5:50 and 6:00. Also

With platinum passes in hand, I am so excited for Cedar Point to open! Let’s Ride!

Deluxe Jumbo Jet!

For the most part when Cedar Point buys a new ride it is the deluxe edition, however CP’s Jumbo Jet was kinda a plain Jane with not much of a theme to it. According to this sales card there was a deluxe model:

This Jumbo Jet has a lot more lights and a more festive feel to it… It makes you wonder why CP stuck with the plain version? Got that 70’s flower power going? Make peace not war… Far out Jumbo Jet!