Fort to Port to Point!

This is going to be an exciting summer. I have turned my Cedar Fair platinum voucher into a platinum pass and I am ready to ride the entire season. I left Fort Wayne last Saturday (04/24/10) and our typical route from Fort Wayne to Cedar Point is US 24, to route 6, to route 2, to route 4. I know that sounds like a Chicago rock song from the 70’s. As I headed out on 24, a construction project is going on. The locals call it “Fort to Port!”. This project is the widening of US 24 into a divided highway bypassing the smaller towns from Fort Wayne (Fort) to Toledo (Port) Holy Toledo! So what does this mean? A quicker drive to CP. Just outside of Fort Wayne they have opened up a 25 mile stretch of new highway which cut a lot of time off my drive. The drive was very nice with very little traffic. I arrived at Cedar Point and the police department was out in force. I was directed to the processing center and it took about 10 minutes to complete the platinum pass procedure. This is the 1st time that I have been to CP when it was closed. So I took a few pictures with my cell phone.

I decided since I was there I would drive around and get a few picture from the back of the park. As I drove down past the Blue Streak, one of Cedar Point’s Finest was sitting with disco lights going and I knew that there was no way I was getting to the back of the park. So I did a U turn and left the park. My next trip to the park will be Saturday Funday May 15th which is Cedar Points Opening Day! Let’s Ride

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  1. CoasterBob62 on

    I’m really enjoying all the new Jumbo Jet stuff you’ve been posting. Great quality. Keep it coming! I have my pass too. Can’t wait to start ridin’ some rides!! Later!

  2. thelostcoaster on

    Hi CoasterBob62,
    Thanks for dropping by thelostcoaster blog. I am still digging for information on Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet and have hit a dry spell… but I’ll keep digging. Hope to see you in line sometime at Cedar Point… Let’s Ride!

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