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Can you hear me now??

I have meet some really neat people while writing this little blog. One of those people is CoasterBob62, who has lent me some really cool stuff to post on my blog. A few months back CoasterBob62 told me he had gone to Cedar Point and recorded the sounds of Cedar Point back in the 70’s including the sound of my favorite ride, the Jumbo Jet. He emailed me back saying that he could not find the cassette tape. Well I got an email from CoasterBob62 this weekend advising me that he had found that tape and put together a little something for this very blog on YouTube:

I watched and listened to this file and I swear I could smell the air around Cedar Point. Do this; close your eyes and listen and you’ll feel as if you are at Cedar Point and that you will in-fact smell Cedar Point. How Cool! Thanks very much CoasterBob62 for bringing back some great memories to me. As always, I am always looking for pictures, video and stories of the Jumbo Jet. Just leave me a post here or contact me via Twitter @thelostcoaster. Let’s Ride!