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Polka Dot Refreshments!

A lot of things have changed at Cedar Point in the last 36 years and I have experienced most of those changes. Gone is the Jumbo Jet that left Cedar Point at the end of the season in 1978. To replace the Jumbo Jet was the WildCat. If you were like me, then you would ride all the rides in that area, which included the Space Needle. What breath taking views of Cedar Point as you rode up and down on the Space Needle and who could forget the Polka Dot Roof? The Polk Dots, I believe were on top of this building which had a single sign “Refreshments”. Each year that you went you would ride the Space Needle for the breath taking views and the Polka Dots! Last year as I rode Max Air and I looked on all the roof tops looking for those Polka Dots. Gone is the Jumbo Jet and gone are the Polka Dots, but both still are there in my memory. So this year as you ride the Space Needle remember this article and look for the Polka Dots and the Jumbo Jet, they’ll be there but only in your memory! Let’s Ride!