Tornado On Ride Video

WOW this is a great on ride video for the Tornado at Selva Mágica in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The Tornado is actually the Jet Star 3 that was at Bush Gardens Williamsburg name Glissade and is the same layout as Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. If the Jumbo Jet was standing today at Cedar Point this is what you would see:

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  1. Andrew B on

    This looks like fun, too bad it’s no longer at Cedar Point. So how was the coaster pulled up the lift hill anyway? It doesn’t look like a chain.

  2. thelostcoaster on

    You are correct there was no lift chain, each train had it’s own motor that moved the train up the spiral lift hill. Way Cool!

  3. Mike G on

    Yep, looks just like the Jumbo Jet of old. One thing I noticed, the layout looks more flattened, however, i think that has to do with the camera rather than the ride. Also, I notice a few minor differances. For example, I notice that the control booth has a set of stairs on the right side. At CP, the Jumbo Jet’s booth only had stairs at the entrance on the back. Looks like their ride controller stops the train completely in the station brakes, ours never did. Also, I notice that the unload position is on the right side of the track, where the riders exit. At CP, the unload person always was on the left side of the track, right next to the main hill. Also, this ride seemed quieter, for example, I didn’t even notice the clicking of the antirollbacks prior to each safety brake. Very cool video though!

  4. […] of last year we posted a video of the Tornado ( Tornado on ride video ) that is at Selva Mágica in Mexico City, Mexico. I was doing some research on and […]

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