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The bulls will not run tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Cedar Point’s opening day and I will be there. Saturday FUNDAY May 15th is at our door step. I always look forward to my first trip to Cedar Point. One thing that I do miss is “The Running of the Bulls”, now we have ERT. Back in the day you would get to Cedar Point by 9am when the gates opened and the rides did not start till 10am. When the gates opened at 9am everyone would run like a madman to get to the new ride of the year or their favorite ride hoping to be the 1st one of the day to ride that particular ride. So tomorrow when I get to Cedar Point and the gates open at 9am there will be no running of the bulls, but there will be ERT. I will get to experience ERT for the 1st time since I have a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass and just for fun or old time sakes I will run like a madman to my 1st ride of the day. Let’s Ride!
Link to Cedar Point’s 2010 Park Map