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Cedar Point 2010

WOW! What a great time I had yesterday at Cedar Point’s opening day.
Arrived about 8:45, just in time for the opening ceremonies. Then headed back to Maverick for early ride time (did I see @drewborg in line?), then on to MF, WildCat, a break for lunch at the car. After lunch things started to get crazy busy, Raptor had a 1 and 3/4 hour wait. Headed over to the Giant Wheel (did I mention I hate heights?): Rode Wicked Twister (while I was getting strapped in my cell phone went off, CoasterBob62 was calling). Meet up with CoasterBob62, who was grabbing lots of video of STR and other rides. He took time to ride MaxAir with us. By this time there was almost a 2 hour for MF and I had just about enough of the crowd by then. With a 3 hour drive a head of us, we left the park knowing full well we would be back again to ride all the rides. The one and only; Cedar Point, Ride On!