FunFacts: Cedar Point 1972

Now that Cedar Point has opened for the 2010 season, I thought it would be fun to look back to 1972. Cedar Point’s Opening day was Saturday Funday May 20th 1972 and here are some FunFacts (Check out all the Cedar Point facts at Roller Coaster Freak):

Cedar Point opens for their 103rd season (May 20)
Open daily at 9am
Causeway is 50 cents round trip
Funday Adult admission age 12 and up $6 

Funday Junior admission age 4 through 11 $5
Fun Nite Adult admission $5
Fun Nite Junior admission $4
Date Nite admission $7 (per couple)
General Admission $3 adult, $2 Junior
Children 3 and under are free
Cedar point has the nations biggest capacity at 86,000 rides per hour.
Cedar Point has 200 rides and attractions including 4 coasters.
Giant Wheel opens. It is 15 stories high, carries over 200 people, and sparkles with over 3,800 lights. It is North America’s Largest Ferris Wheel
Jumbo Jet opens. It features 70 degree banked turns at speeds up to 60mph. A picnic shelter is removed to accommodate Jumbo Jet
Hotel Breakers rates range from $19 to $52,
Crib $4, Rollaway Bed $4
Hotel Breakers is open from May 19th to September 4th
Closing Day is Labor Day

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