Script Jumbo Jet

Just when you think you know everything about the Jumbo Jet, someone comes along and points out something you never saw before. On the post named “The spiral lift hill…” Rick stops by and adds “Did you ever notice the “script” that Jumbo Jet was written in on the sign at Cedar Point is different than Coney Island’s? Notice the “J”s.”. I thought to myself “What the heck?”, so I go and take a look and notice that they are in fact different!
1st up is Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet:2nd up is Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet:3rd up is Moreys Pier’s Jumbo Jet:Last up is Great Adventure’s Jumbo Jet:
Very interesting. One would think that the script would be the same on all Jumbo Jet signs. A point to ponder on why Great Adventure and Coney Island Jumbo Jet sign is different.

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