Could it be? Jumbo Jet at Gorky Park?

The search continues for the location of our beloved Jumbo Jet. We know that the Jumbo Jet was being dismantled from it’s location in Beoland. See our blog post “What WE Know”. What we don’t know for sure is where it is being moved to. We did get information that it was moving to a city park in Minsk Belarus and some thought that park to be Gorky Park. I have been watching Gorky Park in Minsk Belarus for some time now via Google Maps. Could this be our beloved Jumbo Jet?Google Maps; Gorky Park Minsk Belarus
The outline looks like a Jumbo Jet, however it is not clear if this in fact is a Jumbo Jet or some other roller coaster set up in this city park in Minsk Belarus. The search continues….

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