Jumbo Jet at Dreamland, Minsk Belarus

You just never know what you’ll come up with. Someone, just left information on this very blog that a Jumbo Jet is at Dreamland in Minsk Belarus and it is the same one that was at Beoland: That same someone also gave me the link to Dreamland: Here is what Dreamland says about the Jumbo Jet:
Need extreme and dizzy feeling? You are missing the drive, the speed of blood and exciting experiences? You want to find yourself at the peak of emotion? Ahead of the summer and wonderful discovery! This year’s dreams become reality. That only is the new slopes of the mountain “Jumbo Jet” in an amusement park “Dreamland”! Do not miss the chance to ride on the first attraction height of 24 meters (which is – 5-storey building!), Length of 960 meters and at speeds of up to 70 km / h! This is the highest speed and hill with incredible banked turns in our town.

Here is the link to Dreamland (Google translation of the page)

Here is the current view from Google Maps:

We will keep a watch and let you know when Google Maps shows the Jumbo Jet. Perhaps this is the construction site:Pack your bags for Minsk Belarus destination Dreamland. Let’s Ride!

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  1. Malcolm on

    In the latest Google Earth update you can see the construction starting a little NE of your marker.

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