Shoot the Rapids – POV

Well it looks as if Cedar Point got all the kinks worked out of Shoot the Rapids and it’s open just in time for the big July 4th weekend. Here is a great POV of STR from the marketing department at Cedar Point:

To say that STR is the same ride as the Classic STR would be to say that the new MINI is the same as the Classic MINI. Yea not so much. You wonder if those that loved the Classic STR feel the same about the new one? Perhaps it would be the same way I would feel if CP brought back the Jumbo Jet. Yea it would have the same name, but would I be just as thrilled with the new Jumbo Jet. A point to ponder…. Hey Cedar Point… Please say your new ride for 2011 is the Jumbo Jet new and improved for 2011. Let’s Ride!

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