Can you hear me now?

You gotta love technology! Well I do and a few months ago I got a new “smartphone” from Palm. I think that the reason they call it a “smartphone” is because they are smarter than most people, me included. I did manage to get a great background from Cedar Point’s Brochure featuring the Jumbo Jet: I am still hoping that Cedar Point will bring back the Jumbo Jet name in 2011, with a new coaster that has the same layout as our beloved Jumbo Jet. Cedar Point… Can you hear me now?

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  1. martin on

    i have a complete jet star ll in new jersey. i have had it for years and it has had much restoration work done, the track and jackstands are all rust free and there are 8 cars. it would take about $200,000 to finish the ride as it needs a new braking system and lights. all the important parts are stored in trailers.

    i also have spare coaster wheel housing covers for sale. the coaster is not for sale but would consider a partner. the ride, when finished, can stand up against newer and more spectacular rides. lagoon in utah had the only other one that i knew about.

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