CP or Bust in JD’s Gold Duster!

As you know by now that my 1st trip to Cedar Point was in 1974 and I would not return to Cedar Point until the mid 80’s. By that time the Jumbo Jet was long gone and in it’s place the WildCat and then later Avalanche Run / Disaster Transport. I would guess that the year was 1984 when we started making our yearly trips to Cedar Point in JD’s 1972 Gold Duster. It was the best with a sun roof, the latest greatest stereo from Radio Shack with killer 6×9’s in the rear deck. We thought we were bad! I can still hear Fleetwood Mac, Quarterflash and Heart pumping out of those 6×9’s!Our yearly trip to Cedar Point went down this way; I would stay over night at JD’s house and then we would get up at 4am and leave Fort Wayne Indiana on Route 24. We would get breakfast shortly after 6:00am at McDonald’s in Napoleon Ohio, head up route 6 to Cedar Point’s Causeway and get to the point shortly before 9:00am. We would ride all day long till we were dead on our feet. We never had the money to stay overnight, hell we could barely afford the tickets to Cedar Point.Then came the drive back to Fort Wayne, we would take turns driving while the other one slept. We always made it back safe to Fort Wayne, but we were never sure how we made it. The drive always seemed a blur. The next day we would begin planning the next years trip as if something would change in our yearly mecca to Cedar Point. WOW that 1972 Gold Duster brings back some great memories. Let’s Ride!

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