Jumbo Jet’s Last Season 1978

We all know that the Jumbo Jet’s final year at Cedar Point was 1978 and Mike G. worked at Cedar Point. When I found out he had “some” pictures of the Jumbo Jet, I asked him if he would allow me to post some of them. Since the pictures were not in a digital format, Mike G would need to scan them in. I just got word yesterday that he had completed and he sent me “some”. WOW is all I can say when I saw these pictures from Mike G’s collection of my favorite ride Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet. Lets relive the Jumbo Jet with Mike G’s pictures and comments:
Ya, that’s me at 19 in my “Coastermania” t shirt. Picture taken from the Space Spiral deck.The Jumbo Jet with a train on the main hill. BTW, I have no idea who the couple apparently posing is, I assume someone else was taking a picture at the same time I was!Here is the loading station being worked by Bill Downer and Mike Wilkin.Bill Downer at the dispatch position of the loading station.A view from the front of the train on the way up the power spiral (hotrail).Dropping off of the hotrail onto the main hill. YeeHaw!A view from the unload station of a train coming down the main hill. Yep, they passed close enough to just about be able to reach out and touch them! I loved that view!Second turn of the Jumbo Jet. About seventy degrees of bank.A train in the section of track we called the “loop”. Taken from the power spiral.
Entering the “loop” section. On the picture I noted that it may be Jody Saum on Super Himalaya.The control panel fror the Jumbo Jet inside the air conditioned booth! Here are the various labels:

Control labels (left to right)

*broken off

left meter: AC Volts
right meter: Air pressure

* = label missing on the panel

By the way, the track was broken up into segments. The top portion of the control panel shows these segments. The track had limit switches so when a train crossed a switch the computer would know where it was. Right now, there is a train at the top of the power spiral getting ready to drop off the hotrail, and another in the loop section. If any two adjacent sections lit up, the safety system would shut down the ride by “blowing” the saftey brakes, and shutting off the hotrail.

BTW, someone had a dymo label (I think the remnant is just below the image of the ride) which read “WAS IST LOS MIT DAS JUMBO JET”, roughly translated: What is wrong with the Jumbo Jet. (Google Translation “Was ist los mit dem Jumbo Jet”)
Enterering the station brakes. Randy Staley in booth.A view of a train coming into the unload station with the booth (and Mike Snyder in the booth) in the background.This is the view if a train needed to go to auxilary unload (around the corner). The Super Himalaya is in the background.
We still have more, coming in a couple days see the brand new WildCat taking the Jumbo Jet’s place. Let’s Ride!

6 comments so far

  1. rcfcharles on

    These pictures are sweet. Cedar Point has said that they’ve ordered their 2011 ride, but no word yet on what it is.

    • thelostcoaster on

      At this point rcfcharles all we can do is hope and keep our fingers crossed that the Jumbo Jet will return to the beach at Cedar Point!

  2. CoasterBob62 on

    These are great pics Jerry! Very cool of Mike to let you share them with us. I love the POV of going down the first hill after the hotrail. I remember that being very scary when I was a kid. Thanks so much for posting!

    • thelostcoaster on

      Hi CB62… I knew you would like this set of pictures… Once again thanks out to Mike G who allowed me to post these GREAT pictures of our beloved Jumbo Jet… Let’s Ride!

  3. Mike G on

    So, your blog software must filter out asterisks for some reason. I had an asterisk by “FEEDING 1” and also by the footnote of “broken off”, as the label was missing on the panel.

    • thelostcoaster on

      Sorry Mike… My bad. I had removed the “*” in front of FEEDING 1 and broken off just to make them line up with the other items… I have added them back on now with a note * = label missing on the panel. Thanks so much for the additional info and for letting thelostcoaster blog post these pictures of the Jumbo Jet from your personal collection.

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