WildCat in Jumbo Jet’s spot!

In 1979 Cedar Point replaced the Jumbo Jet with a new roller coaster called the WildCat. Mike G took some pictures from the “Needle” and sent me this:
The next few pictures were taken in 1979 and they are of the “new” Wildcat, which was installed where the Jumbo Jet was from 1972 – 1978. If you look real close, you can identify some of the tell tale signs that the Jumbo Jet was there. Things like where the old ride queue was, oil stains from various parts of the ride, oil stains from the old maintenance area. It is interesting to note that the WildCat in 1979 had the same colors as the Jumbo Jet. The only difference today is a change in the WildCat’s color and location and the Jumbo Jet is at DreamLand in Minsk Belarus. Let’s Ride!

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  1. rcfcharles on

    is this the same wildcat at Cedar Point today?

    • thelostcoaster on

      Yep same WildCat…. Today it has a different color and a different location… Who knew that it started out the same color as the Jumbo Jet?

  2. […] place was the new WildCat, which we posted some great pictures of back August of 2010. (See “WildCat in Jumbo Jet’s spot!”). In my travels around the web, I found this unique view of WildCat:To give you a point of […]

  3. Ellex on

    When i rode the Jumbo Jet in 1978 before joining the Marine Corps that same year and noticed the chaser lights were removed from the spiral lift. I just thought the park were going to install a new set of lights. Then when i came back home on leave and went to Cedar Point in the summer of 1979, i was beyond dissapointed that the Jumbo Jet was no longer there. They bought back Shoot The Rapids, a ride from the past, why not bring back the Jumbo Jet and have it to be the same model but have magnetic staters to power the trains up the spiral lift and seat belts installed in the trains to comply to todays safety standards. AHHH!!! To hear again that sound of the trains making that first turn off the lift. Let’s Ride

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