Dreamland’s Jumbo Jet in Action!

So I was a little disappointed in Cedar Point’s announcement today of there new ride for 2011. I was expecting an new roller coaster, but no we get a “Swing Thing”. Earlier this year we reported that Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet had landed in Minsk Belarus and posted a picture from the Dreamland’s website. I was out surfing the interweb and came across this great picture of Dreamland’s Jumbo Jet in action:WOW that is cool to see the Jumbo Jet in action. Almost makes you want to pack your bags for Dreamland in Minsk Belarus or bust to ride the Jumbo Jet! Let’s Ride!


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  1. rcfcharles on

    this is what Cedar Point should do:
    Move Disaster Transport somewhere else in the park
    and fill the empty spot with Jumbo Jet.

    • thelostcoaster on

      rcfCharles.. I think that there enough room over there to keep DT, all they would have to do is remove some of those buildings…

  2. Kevin Rosepapa on

    Thanks I remember this as a kid and not being able to ride because of height. Then when I was able to ride we went to the park and it was gone. I too thought maybe the new ride would pay some type of homage to the old JUMBO JET.

    • thelostcoaster on

      HI Kevin, Thanks for dropping by. Sorry that you did not get to ride the Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point. I know how I felt when I returned to the park to see the WildCat had taken Jumbo Jet’s place. Well there is always next year announcement and maybe… just maybe it will be the new and improved Jumbo Jet. One can only hope!

    • Mike G on

      Lol, the Jumbo Jet had the tallest candy stick of them all 60 inches! Most of them were only 48 inches. Had to turn quite a few away.

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