A Saucy Deal with the Russians!

In my quest to find out the exact history of Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet, from time to time I come across stories on other Jumbo Jets. This time Nick, who is Morey’s Pier’s New Media Guru, sends me information on MP’s Jumbo Jet that was sold to a german broker and he then traded the Jumbo Jet for 2 rail cars of tomato ketchup. Final destination of MP’s Jumbo Jet? “Gorky Park” in Moscow! We first blogged about this back on 01/14/2010: Jumbo Jet at Minsk, is it really CP’s? Get the complete story by clicking on the image below:As you can see the colors were yellow and green and most Jumbo Jets were the standard red and blue just like the one at CP. Check out “A Saucy Deal with the Russians” and more in the book “A Wild Ride”:According to RCDB this Jumbo Jet was in operation at Morey’s Pier from 1976 to 1986 or 1987. Perhaps Nick can look around the office and find some old Jumbo Jet memorabilia and send us some cool pictures. What I would give for one final ride on the Jumbo Jet, no matter what park it came from… Let’s Ride!

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