Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet Part Deux

One of the coolest things on the net is Google Maps and Street View and man the things that you can see from above and at the street level. On this post we travel to France and check out the Jumbo Jet at Amigoland. Our original blog post was titled Amigoland’s Jumbo Jet!Google Maps Satellite of Amigoland

I hope that Google won’t mind that I “borrowed” these screen shots. Now lets hope that Street View gets to Minsk Belarus so we can see our beloved Jumbo Jet. Let’s Ride!

4 comments so far

  1. rcfcharles on

    cool, where is Amigoland?

    • thelostcoaster on

      Amigoland is in Le Grau du Roi, France

  2. January Hinkie on

    Lets go to Amigoland, lol Closer than Belarus

    • thelostcoaster on

      Amigoland may be closer, however if we are going that far we might as well go all the way to Minsk Belarus to ride the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point! Let’s Ride!

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