Another Lost Sign?

We have all heard the stories about the location of several Jumbo Jets. One is that the Jumbo Jet that was at Morey’s Pier was sold to a german broker and he then traded the Jumbo Jet for 2 rail cars of tomato ketchup. Final destination of MP’s Jumbo Jet? “Gorky Park” in Moscow! (Not Confirmed satellite images do not show a Jumbo Jet in Gorky Park) Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet landed in Beoland and then move to Dreamland in Minsk Belarus missing it’s famous Jumbo Jet sign. CP’s Jumbo Jet made a stop in Sweden and as we reported back on 11/13/2009 with our blog post entitled “The lost sign?” that a WildCat or Galaxi style roller coaster was sporting a Jumbo Jet sign:Well here is the story of Coney Islands Jumbo Jet, it was sold to a traveling showman in China. I came across this picture of Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet Sign on with a blog post entitled “Ground Zero” about half way down on the page. I would love to post the picture of this sign, however I cannot because of copyright issues. I have written the site and ask for permission to post on this very blog. So for now you’ll need to go to to see a very cool shot of Coney Island’s Jumbo Jet sign. Seems that this would make the second Jumbo Jet with a missing Jumbo Jet sign. Lost coasters and lost signs, the search continues….. Let’s Ride!

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  1. January Hinkie on

    I checked out the Gorky Park thing. i can only find proof they had a Jet Star 2, which they ended up sending to Elektrėnai in Lithuania where it is still operational. It has been fun lookign this stuff up. I grew up riding the Jumbo Jet on Morey’s Piers and would give anything for one more ride. I’ll have to call my Mom and ask her to look for older pics. I know at one time she had pics of it stuck at the top of the hill which was quite often.

    • thelostcoaster on

      Interesting… Gorky Park had a Jet Star 2 and then it went to Elektrėnai in Lithuania. I am currently working a source to see if there are any pictures. Let me know if your Mom has any picture of Jumbo Jet stuck at the top.. Would love to post on this blog!

  2. January Hinkie on
  3. January Hinkie on

    Also Google European Integration, Unplugged roller coaster. This is how I found out it came from Gorky Park as well. I can’t find the full article though.

  4. January Hinkie on it stuck at the top in Elektrenai……

    Now it makes me really wonder where the MP one went.

  5. positivespacedesigns on

    I may have some answers for everyone… 🙂 Im currently in possession of a collection that came from a staten island native/historian. Its been sitting for a couple of years now but I have been trying to piece together the whole “puzzle” of this 10,000 sq ft warehouse.
    Sooooo.. here is what I have that I THOUGHT no one would appreciate as much as I do, a LARGE wooden sign in 2 pieces (made that way) that reads “Jumbo Jet.” I wouldnt have any idea where this came from, not being a local, if the gentleman that owned this unit didnt mark everything. On parts that correspond with “jumbo jet” read C.I. I believe this sign was at coney island but in all of my research I can not for the life of me find the WOODEN sign that reads “Jumbo Jet” I have the red entry fencing, some of the random parts from this ride which again, Im piecing it together slowly. p.s. the collection was seen on American Pickers, but i don’t believe anything on jumbo jet was aired. I still have yet to watch the episode. its called “A Banner Pick..”

    • thelostcoaster on

      We would love to see the wooden sigh that says Jumbo Jet on it… Perhaps you can send us a copy to post on this very blog! TLC

      • positivespacedesigns on

        Here are the pictures I got of the sign. The part at the bottom that is missing was unable to be properly attached for this photo session but I do have it. 🙂 Any info on this would be great!
        (also I have never posted pictures on here so Im hoping Im attaching them properly.

        /Users/admin/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Apr 7, 2012_2/IMG_0170.JPG
        /Users/admin/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Apr 7, 2012_2/IMG_0176.JPG

  6. January on

    OH wow this is HUGE 🙂

  7. gordonas on

    helau her is informisin jet star 2 in lituveinijen

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