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Jet Star 2 in Elektrėnai in Lithuania

Just when you think that there is nothing else about a Jet Star or Jumbo Jet that you can blog about, the internet rears it’s head and drops a load of information in your lap. Seems that a Jet Star 2 was in Gorky Park (Thanks for the heads up January Hinkie) in the late 60’s and Could be one of the 1st Jet Star 2 ever made:Then it seems that this Jet Star was moved to Elektrėnai in Lithuania. I found some great pictures of the Jet Star 2 (Thanks to Richard B. at for allowing us to post) at Vaikų Pasaulis:The most interesting thing about this Jet Star 2 is that it has a radar antenna just like the Jumbo Jet. Again Thanks to Richard B. for allowing us to post these great pictures of the Jet Star 2 at Vaikų Pasaulis in Elektrenai, Lithuania. You can see more of this park at!
Could there possible be more? You are correct there is! Lots of videos at YouTube:
1st up a Jet Star 2 Car getting stuck at the top:

Up next an off ride video of this Jet Star 2:

Finally an on ride video (Caution turn down the volume on your speakers)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, are you ready to ride a Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2? I am! Let’s Ride!