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Jumbo Jet No Limits Part Deux!

I may have forgot to mention that I am on FaceBook, if ya get the chance add me as your friend. One of my FB friends is TJ Weaver who has been working on a project of the Jumbo Jet in “No Limits” which is a roller coaster creation software. We first posted a “No limits” picture back in may of 2010. See our blog post “Jumbo Jet, No Limits”. He sent me a couple of picture before the holidays saying that a “No Limits” video would be available the first part of 2011 and he delivered. Let take a virtual ride on the Jumbo Jet:

I would like to thank TJ for allowing me to post this really cool “No Limits” Jumbo Jet recreation. Looks as good as the real thing! Great Job TJ! Let’s Ride!