Jumbo Jet No Limits Part Deux!

I may have forgot to mention that I am on FaceBook, if ya get the chance add me as your friend. One of my FB friends is TJ Weaver who has been working on a project of the Jumbo Jet in “No Limits” which is a roller coaster creation software. We first posted a “No limits” picture back in may of 2010. See our blog post “Jumbo Jet, No Limits”. He sent me a couple of picture before the holidays saying that a “No Limits” video would be available the first part of 2011 and he delivered. Let take a virtual ride on the Jumbo Jet:

I would like to thank TJ for allowing me to post this really cool “No Limits” Jumbo Jet recreation. Looks as good as the real thing! Great Job TJ! Let’s Ride!

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  1. January Hinkie on

    Sure does look as good as the real thing. Wow talented….

  2. Steve on

    You should really set your Facebook account up as a page instead of a person, where people will Like it instead of friend you.

  3. rcfcharles on

    Wow, this is similar to the past recreation, but this has a video with it!

    • thelostcoaster on

      HI rcfcharles! TJ did a great job on this recreation… Thanks for checking in. Glad you stopped by!

  4. Michael on

    Hi mate,
    How are tricks?
    Just wondering if you (or even your friend) could send me the nolimits-file of that Jumbo Jet via email. From the pics it looks simply amazing!
    Thanks in advance and all the best from Germany

  5. Trackbender on

    JT your recreation is wonderful! To be technical though, the actual Schwartzkopf Jumbo Jet layout does contain one helics at the end of the ride. (one more wrap around the spiral lift) I live in Utah and have enjoyed Lagoon’s Jet Star 2 for 35 years. (Lucky Me!) I know Anton and Werner banked the corners on Jet Star 2 up to 80 degrees, not sure on Jumbo Jet but the banking does look a little off to my eye. All in all a fantastic effort though! Thanks

  6. Trackbender on

    OOPS! Make that one MORE helics at the end of the ride. So the track warps around the spiral lift two and a half times before the breakrun. Still luv it though!

  7. Trackbender on

    Ooops agian! My Appoligies, it was very late. I meant TJ not JT. (I’m gonna get this post right yet) =)

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