Jumbo Jet/City Jet at Six Flags Georgia?

Is it spring yet? Well… No it is not, however we can all look forward to Cedar Points opening day. The other day I was surfing the interweb and was reading up on Six Flags over Georgia’s new coaster “Dare Devil Dive” with a link to some really cool photos on FaceBook. I came across one photo that seemed out of place:Could be that Six Flags over Georgia is getting a Jumbo/City Jet? Where did this one come from? Looking brand new or recently refurbished. So many questions, so little answers. A point to ponder. If you have any information leave a comment on this very blog!
*Update* 02/06/11 6:00PM
TJ advised via FaceBook; “These pics were taken at the Gerstlauer factory in Germany where SFOG’s new coaster was being built… I think. This JJ just happens to be in the background.”

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  1. January Hinkie on

    😦 Wishes it was there. So it looks like this is just sitting waiting for a park. I wish these darn American parks would understand how valuable this ride is

  2. rcfcharles on

    So this isn’t a new Jumbo Jet type coaster for Six Flags?

  3. Trackbender on

    Actually I believe this coaster was once the old Alton Towers Black Hole. Gerstlauer bought if from them and referbished it. It matches the color scheme perfectly. The coaster has been in their lot for a while. It’s a modified Jet Star 2 with an upgraded support structure to accomidate two car train operation, Like a Jumbo Jet. Gerstlauer has been looking for a buyer, As far as I know it has not been sold. (any takers?) Would be extremely awsome if it ended up here in the states! Someone alert Cedar Point! They need to get their coaster count back up. This would be a perfect opportunity. (If you can’t have a Jumbo Jet, why not a Jet Star 2 mascarading as a Jumbo Jet. Ha Ha!)

    Hey I saw some more pics on the internet of this ride, Just try googleing “Gerstlauer Black Hole”

  4. thelostcoaster on

    Boy do I feel dumb! I guess I need to check my facts before I make a dumb post like this. It sure would be nice to have a Jet Star 2 that look like a Jumbo Jet here in the states… Perhaps I should buy it, move it to Fort Wayne and start an amusement park and I’ll call it “Fort FUN!”. I’d even put a radar antenna on it and call a Jumbo Jet. Let’s Ride!

    • Trackbender on

      You could call it “Jumbo Jet Too” for a little play on words, Ha Ha! Just a thought.

      • thelostcoaster on

        Ya know I think that you have something there. Jumbo Jet 2 or too either would work!

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