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Lost Jet Star 2?

I know that this blog is about thelostcoaster which is the Jumbo Jet that was at Cedar Point from 1972 to the end of season 1978, however we have gotten a bit off track recently blogging about the Jet Star 2. Trackbender left a comment on Jumbo Jet or Jet Star 2? and made reference to a Jet Star 2 “that desperately needs some love too”. So I decided to do some research. The Jet Star 2 that Trackbender was referring too started out at Playcenter São Paulo as Tornado and was in operation from 1982 – 2001.
It seems that the park wanted to refurbish this Jet Star but that may have cost to much for the park. It was then listed as SBNO from 2001 to 2003 and at this point was placed into storage. It was removed from storage and moved to a park called Aventura Selvagem which was to open in 2006. A park called “Beto Carrero World” was owned by the same people that owned Aventura Selvagem and they decided to work on there original park “Beto Carrero World” leaving Aventura Selvagem unfinished. It sounds to me if they ran out of money. The most recent pictures are from 2007:At this point the trail runs cold. Satellite images do not show the park at all. Hopefully this Jet Star 2 has been moved somewhere or is in storage. The hunt continues.