El Tornado – Salitre Mágico

May of last year we posted a video of the Tornado ( Tornado on ride video ) that is at Selva Mágica in Mexico City, Mexico. I was doing some research on RCDB.com and reading the notes of the Jet Star 3 / Jumbo Jet that listed 7 rides along with there locations and I noticed a park in Bogotá, Colombia called Salitre Magico that has a Jet Star 3 called Tornado. Now I don’t know how I missed this, perhaps my dyslexia was acting up? I found this video on YouTube:

Next stop was Google Maps to see if the Tornado was still standingIt looks like on the spiral lift hill is the only thing standing. What? Perhaps another LOST coaster? Salitre Magico still list the Tornado on it’s website. One can only hope that this is a bad shot or that the ride is being refurbished and that part of the track is in for repair. At this point only God knows!

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