Cedar Point’s original WildCat!

Back in 1970 the new ride at Cedar Point was the original WildCat. This coaster raised Cedar Point coaster count to 3 which included the Blue Streak and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. I was surfing the interweb and found some really cool pictures of the original WildCat:I also found a really cool 8mm video of Cedar Point in 1970 (WildCat is shown :58 into the video):

Hopefully WindSeeker will be ready to go for Cedar Point’s opening day, Saturday Funday May 14th. Let’s Ride!

4 comments so far

  1. Sebascoaster on

    Why original wildcat removed and replaced with an identical?

    • thelostcoaster on

      Hello Sebacoaster, I am not really sure why the original WildCat was replaced in 1979 with the current version… Let me do some reasearch and see if I can find the answer for you. Regards ~ TLC

  2. gordonas on

    tens for video

  3. gordonas on

    te dis rid orligina WildCat is for sel ust ridd

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