Lost Again?

From time to time I check out how this blog is found on the web and I will use the search terms that show up in my stats. Earlier today I went searching for “jumbo jet аттракцион” (аттракцион is russian for attraction). I never know for sure what I will find. You can imagine my surprise when I came across this site:Can this be true that Cedar Points Jumbo Jet is up for sale?Does this mean that our beloved Jumbo Jet may be on the move again? Would Cedar Point have this model restored to it’s original 1972 condition with upgrades to todays standards? We will keep you updated… More to come….

5 comments so far

  1. rcfcharles on

    We should somehow tell Cedar Point about this and maybe this could be their next ride!

    • rcfcharles on

      Today (6-16-2011) is also the 127th anniversary of the first roller coaster in the US (Switchback Railway at Coney Island, 1884).

  2. jetstar3d on

    Maybe if enough of us contacted Cedar Point about this, they might consider it. Someone start a petition and I’ll gladly sign!

    • rcfcharles on

      Yeah, and maybe Jumbo Jet will be lost again… but we could possibly find it again at Cedar Point!

  3. January on

    According to google eart it is still standing. Do you know how often that is updated ?

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