Cedar Point 1973

Seems like new stuff keeps coming up on YouTube. I found this clip from Super 8 home movies. Its gets a little long so be watching for the Jumbo Jet at :51 from the SkyRide, then at 6:46 from the Space Needle, and then at 12:54 see the Jumbo Jet spiral at night.


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  1. Ellex on

    Hope someone has some on ride footage of the Jumbo Jet out there. Just to ride Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet once again. That slow climb up the spiral lift, the view of the park and Lake Erie and then down that first drop in a 50 mph blur into those 70 degree banked turns. Let’s ride.

    • thelostcoaster on

      Every time I am on YouTube, I hope that I will find that on ride footage from a Super 8 camera… That would be way COOL! It’s been years since I rode the Jumbo Jet and like you would love to ride it again, Thanks Ellex for finding thelostcoaster blog!

  2. Trackbender on

    I came across this video a couple of years ago. I wish I had known that you weren’t even aware of it’s existance or I would have somehow let you know.
    Since I can’t figure out how to post a link for another one I’ll just have to tell you how to find it, if you already haven’t. Although it’s not Cedar Point’s Jumbo Jet, try looking up Wildwood Boardwalk 1986 on Youtube. There’s a great close up shot of the Morey Pier Jumbo Jet at in action at the 6:17 mark. Enjoy!

  3. […] in awhile I get tips from readers of this blog. On 06/27/11, I posted a video on the post entitled “Cedar Point 1973″ and Trackbender let me know that there was some good video on YouTube and all I would need to do is […]

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